Group Warm up ( Business & Agency)

If you are an Agency or Business user of BacklinkSEO you get a single account
LTD for OutreachBin for Free!

What does this Free LTD account include?

1. Attaching one email for warm up, which is up to 40 emails sends per day,
with tracking sends and replies

2. Ability to switch out this attached email at any time and replace it

3. Ability to use the same attached email for sending cold email campaigns.

4. Unlimited campaigns

5. Unlimited sequences

6. Unlimited prospect lists

7. Unlimited Team Members

Please note this offer cannot be stacked with monthly MRR discounts available at
this time. If you would like to stack more emails you can contact us and we will
help you out.

So how do you redeem this?

You send us a message on our chat once you have signed up to OutreachBin with
your email and we will upgrade your account. We will be matching your
BacklinkSEO email to your OutreachBin email.

Please note this process can take 72 hours or more. This redemption will not be
open forever and is open till the end of the month.

OutreachBin - Outbound, Email Warmup & Automation Software

Send emails that land in inbox and get replies. Automate your email, convert
more prospects and grow your business

Posted by Abdul A Mukati on Facebook