Greetings!! THANK YOU!!! to all members who responded, reacted and appriciated,
read my posts with hashtag #StartupCommonSense.

This is my "genuine" effort to tell you something in a modern way that :

"Awaken" you,

"Trigger" you

"Enlighten" you

"Punch" you to "check" again and again if you are doing Right or Wrong. These
posts may be Applicable or may Not Applicable (N/A) in you current situation....
but these posts will be "punches". I don't mind if you punch me back with your

These posts are like "punches" that you can get from your best close buddy and
somebody who wants you to be on THE RIGHT PATH OF SUCCESS and keep checking on

After completing 33 posts, I have started writing book on the same, keeping
these "punches" as Chapter Name I will launch it soon in New Year 20

Lastly, i did the same with hashtag #AskRakeshSidana, it's collection of common
questions that has given birth to eBook named "Startup Never Fails".

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Best Wishes


Merry Christmas!!

Your Truly

Rakesh Sidana

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