Google's actual client is 'searcher' who needs real, and authentic information on any subject.

And like leading search engine (Bing & Yahoo combined are half of Google), Hence, it has to maintain the reputation.

that is why Google keeps updating its algorithm every now and then. Few basic rules by Google are

1. Good content with easy language ( google does not want his users to keep checking dictionary while reading an article on any subject)

2. Good graphics & Colors theme consistency

3. Loading speed (loading speed must be under 3 seconds)

4. Every article must be to the point but should be covering almost all the aspects

5. Website theme must be easy to use (UI & UX part)

6. Content Interlinking


These 4 types of SEO are categorized in terms of time to rank, risks, cost, and values.

White hat

Black hat

Grey hat

Negative Seo

What is on page Seo

On-page Seo or on-site SEO included all the elements that can be maintained within your website. Everything you are doing on your site is called on page SEO.

What is Off Page SEO

Off page SEO includes all the methods you are trying to rank your website in searches of your website. It can be done via backlinks, social media or promotion methods.

Back hat SEO (NEVER GO FOR THIS) [But works great for Event Blogging]

This type of SEO is a shortcut, kinda CHEAT CODE to get ranked against Google guidelines but people do it for getting results faster. It is risky because you may get banned after Google algorithm update.

White Hat SEO ( takes time, 6-10 months depends on the niche)

White hat seo is simply a correct way of ranking. It includes and follows all the guidelines by Google. The results in this SEO are slower but effective. You may get your goals after a lot of time.

Grey Hat SEO

This SEO type lies in between white and black hat SEO. It is not completely following the guidelines but a little risky as compared to white hat SEO. it increases the spam rate but can be manageable sometimes

Negative SEO

It is a type of SEO in which instead of working on your site to rank, you apply techniques to get your competitor down. The black and grey hat SEO technique is applied to harm the website above you. ( All Pro-SEO guys can do this, but it harms the dignity and your inner soul, you must compete but should not bring down someone else because he is stronger than you)

Local SEO vs Global SEO

Local SEO is targeting some specific region, country or a specified audience. Global SEO lies all over the globe.