Google launches Google Stack, an app that helps people organize their documents
automatically. We started our journey 2 years ago – building Sorted AI, to do
exactly that! (Stack is still not available in India, so meanwhile, you can try
out Sorted AI - Link in comments 😊)

This is our “What if Google builds it?” moment that every #startup gets asked!

Now what? Honestly, we are not worried, but definitely feeling ‘Validated’.

1. Validated on idea 💡 – We always believed in it, but Google doing this will
give validation to others who were not sure of what we were building. Would need
less explaining in future 😊

2. Validated on approach 💪🏽 – Sorted AI, is an intelligent docs organizer but
we soon realized, “Most people don’t want to organize their docs but everyone
wants to scan them” & we built Kaagaz Scanner. Google calling Stack as a Scanner
app that ALSO has AI capabilities to organize docs, suggests that our approach
makes sense.

3. Validated as developers 🙇🏽 – The most fun part has been, when you see a
Google #product having reviews like – “It is not loading”, “Not working on my
device”, “Need a dark theme”, “You should look at how Adobe Scanner does it” –
you realize that a developer has same struggles whether she works for a startup
or Google! 😬