1. Conversion tracking, it always work in terms of understanding your performance

2. Doing Test with your audience like running ads on re-marketing audience, YouTube audience, analytics Audience, sometime doing experiment with In Market Audience and custom affinity

3. Optimizing your low performing ad copies

4. Check segment section to see what is performing for you , you have many options their

5. Fixing your column while checking performance of your keywords

6. Improving quality score of your keywords

7. Checking campaign history to know how your team Is working on it

8. Doing Experiment with cities if you have to target multiple cities

9. Running video ads, I always recommend and keep it as secret weapon of 70 % of my campaign. You also need to try for re marketing

10. Optimizing your landing page , Heatmap tools and analytics can give you more ideas about improvement

11. Don’t be too narrow or too broad while targeting your audience

12. Know your audience well like their age, their demography

13. Optimize your placement and know your topics if you are optimizing it

14. Don’t do too many random changes in your campaign, I have seen people do tons of changes and then keep changing it. Google need time to adjust your changes so do it wisely?

15. Don’t do experiment with your bid strategy if you need better prospect of leads and conversion

Soon more knowledge bombs coming in your way and remember every industry won't be successful on google , some can do well on FB and LinkedIn