#GoodBye 2018

If i couldn't send Best Wishes SMS to someone, i could never found my 2nd

If i couldn't reply 10 questions asked by someone, my 1st investor never got
noticed my company.

If i couldn't take risk of leaving my job i could never be an entrepreneur.

If i couldn't work for other countries, i could never built first disruptive
model based on Global Trends.

If i couldn't apply for the 2nd time after failing 1st attempt for
Entrepreneurship Program, i could never be at IIM Ahmedabad

If i couldn't feel the need of telling the real about startup, i could never
authored my 1st book - "I want to fly, where are my wings"

If i couldn't contact

Shubham Kumar

to allow me to write as Moderator, i could never be able to write 100+ QA under

If i don't write this post, then you may not know this :

Passion and Persistence is the key to SUCCESS.

Never Stop

Never GiveUp

Best Wishes for New Year 2019


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