Goals are overrated.

Yup, I said it!

Instead of focusing on goals, start prioritizing systems.

For example, I’ve never had a goal of X followers on LinkedIn.

Instead, I focused on posting every day.

I focused on analyzing my writing and metrics to see where I could improve.

Then I implemented the learnings in the next day’s posts.

I knew that if I consistently shared high quality advice, the growth would come.

There are 2 issues with goals as a main focus:

1. Both winners and losers have the same goals.

Every job seeker goes into the interview process with the goal of getting a job.

Only one gets it.

The goal didn't separate them, the system they used to prepare did.

2. Goals tend to create more unhappiness

With goals, we fall into a mindset of “once I achieve X, THEN I can [be happy,
go on vacation, etc].”

If we haven’t hit our goal yet, we don’t get the reward.

If we miss our goal, we’re disappointed (even though we made progress!).

And if we hit our goal, we just move on to the next one.

With a system, every day is a win.

We implement the system and we feel good knowing progress will follow.

If you’re not getting the results you want, it’s not because of your goals.

It’s because of the system you’re using.

Food for thought as you prepare for 2021!

Posted by Austin Belcak on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/abelcak