šŸ“ˆ GM Canada Announces Tentative Deal for $1 Billion Electric Vehicle Plant in

For fleet owners, this announcement brings up 3 questions:

Where in Canada does electric truck distribution make the most sense?
Where does it make no sense at all?
And when will fleets start going electric?

For answers, we need to look at 3 factors that affect the rollout of electric

šŸ”» Technology
šŸ”» Need
šŸ”» Support

More specifically:

When there's proven EV technology available at clear cost savings and the
required infrastructure and maintenance talent is present, fleets will start to
go electric.

Here are 3 geographical areas that FleetOwner expert Michael Roeth predicts will
be at the forefront of electric trucks in Canada:

šŸ”¹ Cascadia (Vancouver, BC)
šŸ”¹ Greater Montreal
šŸ”¹ Greater Toronto Area

These areas are prime for electric fleet expansion because they represent the
strongest competitive advantage over diesel.

Plus, they have a more robust EV infrastructure and shorter runs compared to
more remote areas where diesel will still hold an advantage.

What's your signal that it's time to start switching to electric?

Let me know in the comments šŸ‘‡šŸ’¬

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