Below is my method used for getting "rich" clients, primarily from Instagram. It
has worked consistently well for me. You may try too.

Step 1: Finding rich people. (ones who are rich + not super conscious of their

Now there can be a lot of stereotyping, judgments on this method. But I am
saying this method has worked for me. Irrespective of how you see me. With that
said, here it goes —

-The people of the above type will be using expensive items visiting expensive
places, purchasing expensive designer watches, shoes, gadgets, will be having a
gym membership (!) just for showing photos. You can use appropriate hashtags to
find such people.

Example #louboutinshoes will get you many women who are purchasing Louboutin
brand shoes. (I don't even know the pronunciation of this brand!)

It is helpful to google for the top10 expensive XYZ brands in each category.

Some more tips: Search for countries and cities with a high cost of living.
Dubai, Switzerland, some cities of USA, etc. Try to find people at the
intersection of these two filters.

Once you stumble on a profile, you can use the little arrow button on the right
side of the email button to get more similar profiles.

Step 2. Make a google sheet, with Name and email address. Getting 50 people list
takes me 30 minutes.

Step 3. Use a simple free addon YAMM (or any other mail merge addon) to send
them all a customized email.

The email should be 3 small paragraphs. Starting with, you got his/her contact
from Instagram and why you wish to contact them, what you offer, and your past
references. End with an offer of sending your portfolio if interested. (Your
portfolio is precious, don't just keep sending it everywhere unless asked).

Key point 1: The email should be read within 90 seconds on a mobile screen. Ask
your friend to read and time it.

Key point 2: Keep your skills in mind: Graphics, tech, generalists, writer,
whatever it is.

Step 4. YAMM will show you open rates, click rates, and response rates. I will
recommend using an email id from which you have not spammed in past, to increase
your opening rates.

Step 5. You will get some responses asking for price and portfolio. NOW, go to
the user profile again, go through their posts, and try to make a super
customized offering + if possible offer a free trial.

That's it.

Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to know your method of
finding new clients as well. (Without using any paid ads)

Posted by Arjit Raj on Facebook