GetKeywords - sharing my findings.

Tl;dr: Impressed - Worth getting in addition to BrandOverflow for more in depth
data & features focused on KW research.

Dare we say, high potential to be the best KW tool (big claim but even Alston
thinks so) - with more exciting features to come can compete with big boys.

* Advanced Intent & KW Difficulty (KD) analysis and insights not only from KWs
& questions but audience, psychology, intent & behaviour. (soon)

* It's a very powerful tool with lots of potential and their vision/roadmap is
aligned to the direction Google/industry is heading.


Context: Was considering if should get since getting BrandOverflow.

* So did some research, spoke to Alston about his experience. Spoke to Saurabh
Chauhan the founder to understand more about the features & vision roadmap.

* Tested it, compared to BrandOverflow (KW Tool, KW Generator, Questions),
Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, SERanking KW tool, STO

Sharings (Conversation Screenshot in Comments)

* I've shared an interesting conversation had with founder. More details about
features and new concepts & direction.


KW Difficulty Analysis

* Initial main concern was that KD wasn't showing in bulk for most KWs for
analysis & filtering.

* But founder said it will be coming soon 90-95% will have that metric
available, no need to individually click into each KW to get Realtime data
(tho that's their focus as well)

* Currently algorithm considers multiple other metrics besides universal ones,
and real-time data. Multiple domain metrics like backlinks, DR, PR, Ranked
Keywords, Traffic and few other factors to that they keep secret calculate

Also assess SERP and local analytics to give you precise SERP results on a
City level difficulty.

* But they're revamping the calculation & approach - They're testing 6
different algorithms in parallel to find which is more accurate to improve
and revamp how difficulty is analysed based on different factors.


Data Sources

* Checked where they're pulling data from - e.g. Questions were from

* BUT these sources are going away soon. They're training ML (machine learning)
model to understand keyword meanings and isolate them, instead of isolating
them by source.


* > 'Long Tail KWs' - pull from Google's Autosuggest with alphabet & number
modifiers (like BO)

* > 'Question KWs' - AutoSuggest with What, Why and other question related KWs

* > 'Relevant KWs' - Google Ads

* > 'LSI KWS' - Their own secret sauce

* > 'Top Questions' - pull from Google's People Also Ask + Quora + Forums
(though I think they should label which questions are from where like other
tools. Should include Reddit and Answer The Public too)

* > 'Video KWs' - Youtube results

* > 'Amazon and EBay KWs' - from marketplace searches


Features BO doesn't have yet

* > Search Relevant, Content, Organic, Paid KWs based on Domain (for Competitor

* They'll be adding metric to auto group similar Parent KW topics (like Ahrefs
has one column for Parent KW) Ahmed This is great feedback to include in

* They'll be re-designing the UI as well and getting more data from more


* I've put convo with founder if you'd like to understand more.

* After speaking, i felt more confident that they're potentially going to be a
top player in the KW research space. Hence I'm investing tho bit pricey but
cos see the potential.

Hope this helps you guys with some extra info. Cheers!

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