“Get in front of the camera.” – when I told this to one of my CEO clients who
runs a chain of gymnasiums, he got cold feet.

He didn’t want to do that and wanted to hire people.

But I coaxed him. The CEO got in front of the camera and shared his experience.

We shot a series of educational videos and ran them on social media targeting
health enthusiasts.

The CEO didn't have any experience in speaking in front of the camera. He looked
normal and spoke plainly.

But, the video got high view rates and engagement. His audience raved about him
and enthusiastically shared the video with others in their community.

He did the videos consistently every week and became the voice of gymnastics in
just six months.

In my view, no one in the world can talk about a business better than the person
who started and runs it.

There's no replacing that person, the experience, the zeal, the expertise that
comes out of the voice, the face and the body language.

Even if that face, voice, and body are not perfect.

You cannot replicate You.

And your customers are buying YOU.

People don't buy from businesses. They buy from people who run the businesses.

So, don't hesitate to become the face of your brand.