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Since June 2020, the non-fungible tokens marketplace (NFTs) has taken off.

For example:
Shares of Takung Art, a Chinese digital art marketplace, have soared over 950%
in the past two weeks alone.
(Business Insider)

Here's why:
NFT's are unique pieces of digital content that are tied to the blockchain.

Many crypto investors have started to park their winnings in NFT's to hold value
and participate in a unique digital content market.

Strangely enough, actor William Shatner is at least partly responsible for this
new trend.

Shatner's NFT (a deck of cards) sold out in 9 minutes on a platform called WAX
back in June.

It was the first sign to me that this is a huge market and people are buying.

it's one reason we're preparing to roll out an NFT based around music royalties,
performance rights, and staking.

NFTs are a growing market to keep a close eye on, especially as entertainment,
gaming, and marketing become more intertwined as we spend more time online.

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