Further to my earlier chart on startup valuation (https://lnkd.in/gw7GbWY),
below chart is a great explanation of link between #revenue #time and

Only 25% of approximately 80,000 startups cross the valley of death.. Its very
important for startups to understand the following to avoid the Death Valley of
your startup..

1. What stage they are in and what is their #breakevenpoint
2. What funding do they need in the next 1/3/5 years.
3. What is the value of the company at various stages of #growth

Do you know breakeven point of your company yet ?

Have you prepared a detailed operating plan for next 1 year ?

Do you have a business plan beyond 1 year, if yes when did you last updated it ?
Do you have it prepared for 3 years or 5 years ?

Its very important to prepare your business plan beyond 1 year to understand the
valuation of your company various stages..

Are you in #seedstage, #earlystage or #growthstage of your startup ?

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