Funniest thing I experienced in entrepreneurs journey is

I was compared to a

25 year old making 4 lakhs a year,

I was judged by

36 year old making 12 lakhs a year,

And ridiculed by

50 year old making 13.68 lakes a year.

Ignoring the fact that at 22 I made 12k in profit

At 23 I made 120k in profit

And by 26 I was making 12 lakhs in profit.

So now the question being why was I quite while they were putting a circus.

Answer is simple.

I knew nothing is permanent.

But also responsible for this scenario was my attitude of making reliability of
the people who are just a liability.

I relied on external validation,

Validation from the crowd that just wake up, survive the day and go to sleep.

I seeked validation from people who couldn't for once validate themselves.

In the crowd of strugglers I was proving myself to losers.

But in the journey of entrepreneurship I have learnt the pain of loosing your
own money.

The struggle of roaming with empty pocket and heart full of dreams.

Sting of sacrificing things you want for the things you deserve.

Struggle of spending a year in broken sandals and pulling out day on vadapav.

But now, at 27

It's worth it.

Same person who was labelled unworthy now owns a fashion label,

Same person who's products were undervalued now sells at brandstores at 4x

Same person who was debt ridden for multiple lakhs, now has cleared 50%

As a entrepreneur, life lessons I have Learned are priceless.

People will stay with you only till they find value.

People will love you only till they find something for themselves.

People will change there behavior towards you as your time changes.

Confident person is the best turn on factor.

When you are failure people will make excuses to avoid meeting you,

When successful people will make time for you.

Cheating isn't a impulsive decisions, it's planned out action.

What entrepreneurship has taught me, is nothing is permanent.

Don't let tribe of losers affect your vibe.

Now go out there hustlers and achieve every thing that is meant to be yours.

And, don't be afraid of investing in growth for the fear of being empty pocket
at end of the month .

Your tears today will water the seeds of prosperous tomorrow.

So don't worry if your friend is spending 15k of 40k he makes.

Don't worry if someone is getting married or buying a car or buying a house,
it's just that you are late and not lost.

Now make up for time lost and go out there and make so much success that every
thing you feel luxury today should feel cheap tomorrow.

Universe is with you. Go hustle.

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