Fun fact: Ghost is a profitable non-profit that releases open-source software
without copyright on it.

Ghost's now at $2.8M a year. Let's do a surface dive.

In 2013, John wanted to get his idea out of his head. He shared with a few of
his Twitter followers and YCombinator News. Folks liked it and likes turned into
a 30,000 subscriber email list.

He made a prototype at his earliest convenience to start a Kickstarter and
leveraged his email list. They were fully funded in 11 hours.

From Kickstarter to the final launch, they made announcements incrementally and
were building in public, the exposure led to a net of 80,000 subscribers by

With effects from initial traction, funding campaigns, pre-launch, and an
organic email list, they had 100,000 signups on day one of launch.

From then on, they're profitable to date.

Philosophy, John's advice, growth strategy and high-level overview in comments.

Posted by Dinakar S on LinkedIn