From Renting Mattresses to a $35 billion company! 🚀

Here’s how Airbnb started: 👇👇

Airbnb has revolutionized the hospitality industry in only 12 years.

This is a brief roadmap of Airbnb’s rapid growth:
➡️ Two guys unable to pay rent
➡️ They rent out 3 mattresses on their apartment
➡️ Came up with a new business idea
➡️ Got $20,000 in funding from Y Combinator
➡️ Very slow growth at first
➡️ Got rejected from a famous VC
➡️ Raised $600,000 in seed round
➡️ Within 2 years raised $112 million

Most importantly, Airbnb shows that all you need to be a successful founder is a
strong belief in your idea and perseverance to see that idea grow into a huge

Do you know what would make this roadmap even shorter?

🚀Having a helping hand from companies that specialize in growing your business!

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Credit: Anna Vital

Posted by Alex Diep on LinkedIn