From 0 to 1 million visits…

...In a language I don’t speak. How did that happen?

I'll show you.

The strategy here was to generate more organic search traffic from specific
countries. 4 years later, it's delivered 1 million visits.


1. Create *amazing* content in English

2. Send off the content to a translation/ localization agency.

3. ...And this step is CRUCIAL:

Build links internally (my favorite SEO technique)

Once you have the translated content back, find internal-linking opportunities.

Here's how:

1. Go to Google and enter site:YourWebsite + “Topic”.

2. Open each result in a new tab.

3. Use Ctrl + Find to highlight matching or similar terms.

Now, you can add as many internal links as you see fit.

Now, you might ask:

"How do I know which keyword to link from/ to if I don't understand the

Great question!

This is included in original translation brief.

- Keyword 1, keyword 2, etc.

You can go to Google, copy & paste those keywords and search for:

site:YourWebsite + “keyword 1”, “keyword 2”, etc.

Once I find them, I include a link.

If I’m not sure… I just ask the translator

Easy, right?

It’s exactly how I took a B2B/ SaaS from 0 to 1 million content views...

...without understanding a single word ✌️

You can do it, too.

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