Friend- Hey Karthikeya! I heard that you are doing something on LinkedIn. Is it
an Internship?

Me- I am a freelance writer and I create content around it on LinkedIn. And, I
am not doing an internship. Are you interested in freelancing?

Friend- No, I just wanted to know how to get an internship. That's all!

I just don't understand why people are obsessed with doing internships.

Do they help? of course!

But the problem is that many people think doing an internship is the only way to
get real exposure.

I haven't done any internships but I have learned so much by just talking to the
right people who have so much experience in the fields I love.

I think if you have enough curiosity to go after what you want, you will get
real-exposure on the way

What do you say? Do you think internships make a big difference? 👇👇

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