Founders want to build and incorporate everything that make their products
better than existing ones.

They should actually be doing so, but

One needs to build one at a time and all over a period of time.

Look at any of the successful products in the world

There could be some exemptions, but most of them were built in a decade or two.

Still they keep trying to improvise their offerings.

And the matter of fact is, you are trying to accomplish something similar or
bigger in 6 months or over a year with limited resources and 5-10 members team.

You should really give it a thought.

Having a challenging spirit is appreciated but one shouldn't overlook the

Burning cash, oil and yourself on deluded calls is not advised.

If you are sailing in between similar thoughts, you need a good navigator.

Someone who brings in the experience and expertise to channelise existing
resources so that milestones could be achieved in more realistic and practical

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