For the past month or so my colleagues (Bhanu, Lokesh, Shrehith) and I have
spoken to a few hundred people on the Ditto Hotline. Each day we wake up, have
breakfast and talk to people who want to buy insurance. And on some occasions,
people recognise us (from LinkedIn I suppose). And when they do, they almost
always have the same question — “How come you are the one doing the sales call?”

Well, the answer is simple. To build good products, you have to be willing to
get your hands dirty. Each time one of us is on a call we are hoping to learn
something about the buying journey. You could go through 20 calls without having
learnt anything but then somebody will ask you something that will fundamentally
change your perception about the kind of product you want to build. And sure,
you could delegate this task to somebody else. But if you are telling everyone
you want to reimagine insurance, then the onus is on you to “reimagine” stuff.

In this case, it’s on us.

So yeah, if you haven’t checked out Ditto by Finshots yet, please do visit the
website ( and offer us any feedback you have. And if you
have any questions regarding insurance, please schedule a call using the Ditto
Hotline, and help us build a better product.

Originally posted by Pawan Kumar Rai on LinkedIn