For the last year, pre-and-post pandemic...
I’ve directly spoke with 100+ CHROS, CEOs, Chief People Officers, Freelancers,
and Managers about the future of work...

Here’s what they are seeing and why they are so on-edge as we enter 2021...

Very quick thread (seriously)...

🔥 Employers are struggling to embrace the shift to remote work.

Why? Organizations are just now discovering the sea of SaaS tools that enable
asynchronous work.

Many are just replicating the physical environment in digital form which is
awful for employee experience.

Case study: Zoom fatigue lol

🔥 Employee Experience is still a HUGE topic.

Employees don’t want one-size fits all solutions anymore.

They want to be clearly recognized for their work and impact and want more
customizability and personalization in the tools they use:

Case study: The rise of work orchestration tools/apps

🔥 Employees are TIRED of the assortment of tools they have to use to just get
one thing done.

More orgs are looking to purchase integrated tool stacks or products/platforms
with best-of-breed integrations.

Case study: Salesforce’s strategic acquisition of Slack.

More of my thoughts are in the comments.

What are you noticing?

Posted by Tim Salau on LinkedIn