For me, the holiday season started this weekend. For a change, I have absolutely
no plans for the next two weeks, and I couldn’t feel happier about it.

I had not taken a single day of leave this year, so I was really looking forward
to the year end break. Right now, my only plan for the next two weeks is to
relax, sleep, catch up with friends, and read a lot more books.

The winters in Delhi are anyway so cold that they make you feel lazy, and I am
going to really enjoy being lazy for the next few days, until the rigour starts
back in January.

I was initially planning to sign up for the Advanced Open Water Diver course in
Andaman this week, but then I decided to postpone that plan for next year and
instead use this break to fully refresh myself, physically and mentally.

Sometimes, just sometimes, all you need is some time off without any agenda. I
have absolutely no plans for this break, and that makes me feel really great.


Posted by Rohan Jain on LinkedIn