For any business communication to resonate, it must be three things:


When you're CLEAR, you're understood.

When you're COMPELLING, you grab attention and hold it.

When you're CONVINCING, you spur audience action.

But, when you whiff on clarity, nothing else matters.
Confusion leads to fewer buyers...or more of the wrong ones.
Those that do buy?

When customers figure out what they bought is not what you sold, they're more
likely to leave...and never come back.

(And worse! They'll tell all their friends how it went, too!!)

So, yeah. Clarity rules.

But, creating a clear that resonates with the RIGHT audience for
the RIGHT reasons can be difficult.

I say let's make it easy.

I created a mini workbook to get you started. Here's a peek.

Want the whole enchilada? Check that last page...

When it comes to a killer message, one thing is certain:

Clarity rules, my friends.

Clarity rules.



Posted by Zach Messler on LinkedIn