For all the aspiring copywriters in the house..

There are so many opportunities out there (both in India and outside).

Ever since I have stepped into my identity as a copywriter, things have been
moving really fast and I feel more fulfilled than ever.

And I feel like it's my responsibility to share this with the community and help
them launch their copywriting career.

So if you really want to build / hone your copywriting skills and attracting
amazing clients.... Do these three things.

1) Write Everyday

And I don't mean the random stuff..

Go to or similar websites and pick a sales letter or any promo content
and type it out in a word document. Focus on Direct Response Marketing.

2) Start Building Your Own Swipe Files Library

If there is one thing that's more precious to successful copywriters than their
bank account passwords, it's their own big bank of swipe files accumulated over
the years. If you haven't started doing that already, you gotta start NOW!

3) Brain Dump and Organize.

Always Set up a document before you research for a client and put every thought
that you come across during your research in that document. That's called brain
dump. Once you feel you have enough matter to chew on, set aside some time to
organize all that information.

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incentive to do this more often


Posted by Ravi Prakash Vaghanani on Facebook