Following these 6 Things
Before starting the day /work has changed my life. 🙂

1. Listen to the favourite music, as it will give positivity required to start
the day.

2. Plan the activity according to their priorities, as it will help in
addressing the burning one first.

3. Think for innovation daily and note it down in a diary for future
implementation. We often get many ideas small, big but if we often forget it too
early. Putting it in the diary will save it in your record.

4. Recall the best memories. Customer appreciations, family trips, business
parameters it could be anything. It will help you keep motivated and charged.

5. Recall the toughest time & people who supported for survival during it. It
keeps you grounded and humble.

6. Recalling the purpose & vision with which you started the journey. As it will
keep focused and aligned, which will help you filtering other distractions.

#dailyroutine #positivevibes #freshstart

Originally posted by Dhruvam Thaker on LinkedIn