A step forward. Last year when Grittiest mentoring was happening, I could relate
to many startups in terms of their needs to have growth. I could help a few due
to limited capacity.

After investing almost 9 months in mentoring, working with a few startups to
grow them, I felt my call: to invest myself in this journey of enabling startups
to grow.

This journey is now leading to a formalized step: Announcing 1000Founders

What is 1000 Founders Accelerator?

Strategy is great, but Execution is the real engine for Startup Growth

1000 Founders Accelerator: A Micro Accelerator that is execution focussed & not
just passive mentoring.

Backed by incredible founding partners (

Praveen Singh


Bimlesh Gundurao

) and super supportive 1000 Founders Mentors, we are now opening our first
cohort. You can apply for our 1-Month Pilot Program for Free.

We offer you a 1-month pilot program for free to work on ONE of your business
growth/execution problems. It can be anything like sales model strategy,
product-led growth, and experiments for growth, etc

No Strings attached. No Payment involved. No Equity given.

Find more about 1000 Founders Accelerator and Programs on

Share a word about this journey and work among your friends & connects!

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