2020 was kind of a really exciting year for me ( Except everything going around
in the year with pandemic ). Learned a lot, explored a lot, found answers to a
lot of questions & kind of redesigned the way I work & socialize.

- We completely redesigned our technical structure at BlogBing & WPinfy Group to
keep everything back on track. This is something I was working on from the last
4 years. And finally, it's all channelized perfectly for constant growth &

- Heavily focused on scaling in different locations of India and reached to 6
active locations milestone ( 7th coming soon ). So, learned how to scale the
business rapidly - how to deal with the remote team - how to align the vision
when working with a huge team and so on.

- Decided to work on a few other segments than SaaS, Data & Cloud industry - and
will be jumping into Healthcare & Education segment soon. This was kind of new
direction for me and maybe my few dream projects. Finally, have enough courage
to go ahead with all these things.

- Found a lot of people, who are ready to hold me even in the toughest times in
business. People who believe in Saurabh - and that's the big win definitely.

- Removed a lot of toxic people from life. So, I can say kind of rearranged my
environment for the best output, productivity & vision.

- Trying to shift the way I take business decisions - from Emotional to more
logical & critical aligned with the vision of the company. This was something
highly needed to make sure that we can design best for everyone, instead of a
few selected ones.

- Finally accepted that you can't put someone up or down in life. I started
BlogBing with the vision to bring people on top of their life with the best
support in every manner - From connections to knowledge to mentorship to
financial. But in the end, I really feel that it's never about the support or
anything. Those who want to do something will find their path anyway even with
very little push. So, finally stopped pushing people for something huge, and
accepted that it's their decision to live like that. And I can't change them.

- I was able to put myself completely away from any distractions which are
related to money. Now, I don't feel excited about new gadgets, clothes, cars,
expensive gifts, or not even food. I made myself away from all those
distractions and was able to put myself focused on the vision of my life -
nothing else. And I think this is also something I was highly working on to
achieve from a very very long time.

- 2020 made me find that a lot of people are having huge hopes & dependency on
me. From Family, Friends, Team, Customers, Partners, and a lot more. And no
matter what happens, I can't give up now. If someone can trust me that this guy
is gonna change something, I can't go back or enjoy the things - till I've
fulfilled their expectations. Like a lot of times, I'm their last & only hope,
and I can't break that - no matter how much hard it requires me to work.

- I learned one most important thing in life, to stop being the hero. No matter
it's your business or your life - You can make mistakes. There may be things
even you don't know. And that's completely fine. You have the right to give up,
you have the right to say no, you have the right to fail. And that's okay. You
can't be the best always - because even superheroes fail as well.

- I learned to accept people as it is without resistance. And this is a huge
achievement I believe. Nothing & None can be perfectly right or wrong. There is
no meaning of fight, argument, or hate - people are as they are. When you find
that your thoughts are not matching, just go silent instead of fighting to prove
yourself. You can't change anyone's thoughts, you are just creating hate. So,
let the surrounding be as it is - don't try to match everything with your
thoughts. It's okay.

- And yes, Started reading books. The best decision definitely. If you want to
start - Just start with "Rework", It's the gem from everything I've seen or

I still have a lot more, but let's take a break. In 2021, My goal is to focus
more on

- Channelizing our Marketing Efforts

- Helping people match with my vision when working together

- Realigning our Business Scale Strategy for more productivity

- Better Financial Management & Distribution

- Building a few more income sources away from this industry

- Better clarity on Business Workflow

And much more. Let's see. Thanks for reading - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
in advance

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