“First time will be tough. Second time better, third you'll start to settle,
fourth will be easy, and by fifth you will be a master. :)”

He replied gently when I was freaking out about public speaking. It has roughly
been 15 years and Niranjan has always had an answer to my questions.

When the pandemic hit, it shook 8 Views as well. The company faced issues and
sadly, my contract was paused for a while. It then restarted from scratch and
together, we worked our way through the year.

Niranjan stood as a constant source of support throughout, and simply watching
him navigate through the pandemic was an inspiration by itself.

Not once did I see that smile fade or that enthusiasm in his voice falter. He
was the same despite the struggles the company was going through. Instead of
worrying, he decided to ACT – yet again teaching me an important lesson.

I am so utterly pleased that we are ending this bizarre, unprecedented year
together and on a high. And, I am hoping our relationship continues to
strengthen despite odds.

Thank you for having all the answers and for always being there. :)

Context: In a year that has mostly been about client-bashing, I wanted to shift
the limelight on clients who made 2020 slightly easier for me.
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