Find, Verify, and Contact your Lead!

We know that the entire process of finding and cultivating potential customers for your product or service is known as ‘Lead Generation.’ And, this is the most crucial process in sustaining the company. 


But, it takes a lot of time and hard work to find the leads. Further, after searching the potential customers, you have to verify them. 


After these two time-taking processes, the main task you will have to execute, that is, Contacting your lead. So ultimately, lead generation contains three necessary steps, Finding, Verifying, and Contacting the leads.


Let me tell you a secret; you can automate the whole process of finding the leads using a tool, FindThatLead.

Automate The Lead Generation Process
Automate The Lead Generation Process

What is FindThatLead?

FindThatLead is a B2B Lead Generation tool that allows you to Find, Verify, and even contact your potential customers.

 Tool Details:

Tool NameFindThatLead
CategoryLead Generation
FounderGerard Compte
Free TrialAvailable
Best ForFreelancer or Agencies
FindThatLead Contact(+1) 415 3199 622

FindThatLead Features

   1) Get More New Customers

With FindThatLead, you have an extraordinary power to find customers using the advanced search operation. With an advanced search option, here is what you can do:

  •  Select a specific segment 
  •  Select More Information about that segment
  •  Search all your Potential Customers


   2) Send Unlimited Emails

Indeed, you cannot convert your lead into a customer with limited size email campaigns. The higher the count of emails, the more the probability of conversion.


With FTL, you can even send emails. Besides this, FTL comes up with an unlimited number of emails to send. So, the size of your email campaign does not matter at all in FTL.


   3) Verify Your Leads

With FTL, after searching your potential customers, you can even verify them. FTL uses an advance email verification algorithm to verify the leads.


   4) Save Your Leads

FindThatLead lets you save your searched potential customers. So, in the future, if you need to do anything with those leads, you can quickly get them again.


Benefits of FindThatLead

There are a lot of benefits the users will enjoy with FTL, some of the major benefits are as follows:


  1. Feed your sales team with daily leads
  2. Connect with decision-makers (Experts) on any industry
  3. Target your ideal new candidates with precision
  4. Grow while saving your precious time

FindThatLead Clients

  2. BMW
  3. Deloitte
  4. SalesForce
  5. Criteol

FindThatLead Competitors

  1. Taboola
  2. Unbounce
  3. OptinMonster
  4. Intercom
  5. HelloBar

FindThatLead Free Plan

In this section, I will tell you what you will get in the free plan of FindThatLead are:

  1. 50 monthly credits
  2. Extension
  3. One user
  4. One campaign account
  5. Send up to 250 daily emails

Pricing Plan


$49/MonthStarting at 49$ for LifeTime

Click here and Buy FindThatLead for LifeTime in just 49$

FindThatLead Reviews

Overall Quality: 3 stars

Ease of Use: 4 stars

Features & Functionality: 4stars

Customer Support: 5 stars

Value for Money: 4 stars

Ease of Setup: 3 stars


Generally, for running the business, you need t find the lead, then you have to verify it, and then then you contact that particular lead. There are three processes in lead generation. FTL does all these three processes to you. 

For contacting the leads, FTL provides a feature to send unlimited emails yo your customers. In this price range, this tool is the best as it is offering so many features. You can easily rely on FTL for the lead generation.