Feels extremely lucky to be exposed to farm fresh perspectives in the last few

Sharing some before we hit the weekend:

1. As sales folks equip with updates, the prospects also get smarter. And why
not? They speak to different sales reps everyday.

2. Remote working does enable us to travel and live our dream. Equally important
to be mindful of the work hours.

3. Listening FIRST. Fill the pain points, not pitch the product/service.

4. Sell a long term vision. If you keep pitching short term benefits, everything
WILL collapse- The business, sales team, customers and most importantly, trust
amongst stakeholders.

5. People will always matter. They form parts of you every passing day. Hold on
to them, prioritise them and keep nurturing the relationships.

On a side note, I am thankful to God and feel blessed to get a chance to
backpack across Himachal Pradesh last month.

Saving the travel experiences for the next post. Till then, here is a picture
from the Bir-Billing paragliding site (Asia's highest, world's second highest).

Bir was the venue for the paragliding World Cup 2015.

Originally posted by Kaushal Dayani on LinkedIn
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