1 Going Broke

One of the biggest things every entrepreneur worries about is capital. They have every right to do so. You do need money to start a business, after all. Most of the time, this money will either come from the entrepreneur’s piggy bank. If you don’t have a stable revenue stream by the time you run out of capital then your proverbial goose is cooked and the business, together with all the capital that was initially invested, is at a danger of being .

2 Being Inadequate

It could be that you’re worried your product isn’t good enough to put up with the competition, or that you’re personally not a good enough entrepreneur. Whichever of the two you’re facing, this fear can hinder many entrepreneurs from unfurling their wings and taking off.

3.The Fear Of Failing

This is a fear that gets even the best of us from time to time. There are little failures, like a failed marketing campaign, or some bug in your software that you notice right after you launch. There are also big failures, like your company going bankrupt and taking all your money and hard work along with it.

4 The Fear Of Biting More Than You Chew

No one decides to become an entrepreneur because it is the easy way out. A 9-5 is the easy way out; everyone knows that. The reason why most people decide to become entrepreneurs is that the rewards are worth the challenges you face along the way. So don’t get into the field because you see it as a get-rich-quick scheme. You’ll get overwhelmed sooner, rather than later.