Failure is hard. Success is easy.

As I think through life, it occurs to me that to FAIL (and I mean really fail)
is very very hard work.

Let me explain:

Any entrepreneur reading this will realise that when a venture fails (90% of
them do), it happens after INTENSIVE dedication and a “no holds barred” effort
by the founders, stretched over YEARS. No one lets anything that’s been created
with blood and sweat, slip into oblivion. When it does, it pretty much means
that all the stones have been turned.

Success on the other hand, can be subjective. A good student gets a good job and
is “successful” (from the conventional point of view). To grown professionally
takes a lot of effort, but some degree of success is almost guaranteed. It’s
very hard to really mess up being a career professional because of your faults.
Most bad things happen due to situations out of your control. (Layoffs, Office
politics etc)

So what’s the point I’m making?

Next time you come across someone who has failed, take time to give him/her
special respect. Spend MORE time speaking to them and learn from them. They will
give you lots more than those smooth talkers in fireside chats.

The ones who FAIL have truly succeeded.

‘Coz they have done it all.


Originally posted by Alok Kejriwal on LinkedIn