Fact: Free Food Samples = Better Conversions.

Wisdom: Experience trumps promise.

Can you resist a free yummy cheese cube or a dessert being offered as a tasting

You may NOT buy that product, but:

- You experience it without friction.

- The Brand/Venue makes you feel nice

- When the need arises, you may buy that sampler.

In a conversation with a friend, I said, "I'm SURE you have the best product or
service, but HOW to make people buy it? Without sampling, it's a promise. How
can you make me experience your expertise?"

If you run Tech Biz, it's easy. A free 'SEO' audit; penetration test (websites)
etc can easily be done. But what about deeper businesses that can't be handed
over like this cup in Starbucks?


- Somehow, carve out a 'sampler' pack. Devote time & energy in delivering an
experience 'coz it will lead to much better conversions vs marketing. Some
entrepreneurs believe that 'nothing should be free'; 'once I've given it, I may
not get any business.' You may be right, but have you done a HARD ROI on that
loss vs. marketing costs vs. business not happening at all?

- Social proofing works. Brand logos/client speak 'sparks' interest. Supplement
that with a related industry case study. It gets read for sure!

How do you convert biz?


Posted by Alok Kejriwal on Facebook
link: facebook.com/rodinhood