Executives HATE long intros to start calls. You do them anyway.

You waste 5-10 minutes on info the people listening ignore and the people
talking do poorly.


Create a single introduction slide.

Go to LinkedIn and grab everyone's profile picture (BONUS TIP: Connect with them
while you are there and tell them you are excited for the upcoming meeting).

Crop the pictures using circles (BONUS TIP: Using different sized rectangles
makes you look like you don't care, watch this - http://y2u.be/7WfXvixQOEw).

Make all the circles the same size and line them up equally spaced.

Put everyone's name and role under their picture.

Here's the "script" for doing short, effective, exec-friendly introductions (not
doing introductions is rude...we just need to do them better):

1. "Rather than spend 10 minutes going around the horn to introduce everyone,
here is who is on today's meeting." - show slide

2. "I'll introduce my side quickly." - give a name, role, and 1 sentence why
each person from your side is on the call

3. "I asked someone on your side to do the same." - prior to the call prep your
champion/coach to give name, role, and 1 sentence why each person from their
side is on the call

4. "Let's get started."

Done well, this takes 2 minutes or less.