Executives HATE being late to meetings. You make them late anyway.

They dread your meetings bc they know you can't manage their time.

That's why they no-show you late in deal cycles. Prevent this by:

1. "Everyone good for 45 mins? Any hard stops?" - Start mtgs with a time check,
things change between booking and holding the mtg.

2. "We have 45 minutes, but I consolidated the agenda so we'll be done in 40." -
What?! This rep cut out 5 minutes with prep. WOW! I get to pee after this
meeting. YES!

3. Set a 35 min timer on your phone - Strange and easy to forget, but that 5 min
time check prevents getting caught off guard.

4. When the alarm goes off,
a. Use important items not covered as a hook for another meeting. "We need to
wrap up to be done in 40 mins. We had more discussion than I anticipated, which
is great. Let's do 30 on Friday to cover what's left and address new info from
today." or

b. If everything is covered, wrap up the meetings with next steps.

Squeezing everything in at the end (and it's always good points) means you
didn't control the meeting and you care more about making points than their

Guaranteed the 10 deal-winning points you made 4 mins after the mtg was supposed
to be over were ignored as everyone searched for what you made them late for.