Everyone wants to post on #linkedin and get more leads.

But most people fail. Do you know why?🤔


Hmm, then what could be the reason for it?

Lack of content ideas!😫

Yes, most #people don’t know where to start and what to write on Linkedin.

Don’t tell anyone - I was also one among them for a long time😅.

Coming up with ideas is always daunting.

And that’s why it’s on the writer's block list every time.

To break the block, I use some #tools to get #content ideas and here are they:

1️⃣ Answer the public
2️⃣ Quora
3️⃣ Potent
4️⃣ Question DB
5️⃣ Alltop
6️⃣ Exploding ideas

Just enter the topic you want to speak about and get plenty of ideas.

Make use of it and start to write and explore what works and what doesn’t 😁

If you’re a person who doesn’t know what topic you #like to write

I will give you a small tip on that as well.

"Start to recreate another person's idea".

Find a person who writes well, get number of like #comment & like, and like
his/her content.

Check their posts that have high likes and shares.

Take their idea out, create content on your 'unique way' and post it.

That will work out to find your #niche..!

What's your thought?


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