Every single year more than 2 cr people attempt more than 1000 competitive exams
across the country. The number of people participating in exams is only growing
year on year.

With success rates ranging from 0.1% - 2% on average we are seeing the wastage
of more than 1,00,00,000 human years of the topmost brains of the country in the
prime of their life. More than brains I salute the courage of these people
attempting exams with such low success rates.

I personally was in doldrums after giving 3 failed attempts at UPSC 2017-19. A
lot of my friends from some really great colleges and universities are in a
similar situation and having to start from scratch.

But we cannot just make people stop giving these exams. On the contrary people
are actually giving more and more exams as facilitated by the internet and
connectivity boom discovering exams few had heard of earlier.

So what can be the solution for a country that both loves and hates exams?

The major reason for this time waste is that preparation today takes so much
time that people are forced to skip school, clg and job to prepare for exams. At
Examarly we are trying to cut down on this time!