Every sales leader has made a costly mistake during a sales call.

The trick was learning from those mistakes.

The hard part?

Teaching your team to do the same, at scale.

That's why in the near future, every sales rep will have an AI-powered virtual
sales coach.

I’m not talking about conversational intelligence and analytics. I'm talking
about an AI-powered coach that provides real recommendations during live calls.

A real-time system for feedback, engagement, coaching and improvement.

This Thursday at 11am (PST), join me, Howard Brown (Founder and CEO, ringDNA)
and Ryan Vaillancourt (Senior Director, North American Sales, ringDNA) for a
webinar that examines the next frontier in AI-powered sales coaching.

We'll also show you best practices for how sales teams are using this technology
right now.

Link to REGISTER in the comments.

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Posted by Andy Paul on LinkedIn
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