Every entrepreneur’s most feared words:
“You sold too early.”

So why do people do it?
Then regret it?

👉 The secret is all about knowing what you are looking for out of a startup
before starting.

Here are some of my biggest tips to avoid falling victim of the founder’s
dilemma: to sell or not to.

➡️ Ask who your top 3-5 trusted advisors in your network are who can give honest

Should you get a strong M&A offer, be sure to discuss your options with people
you can trust.

➡️ Listen to what your gut says.

Are you settling for the first exit opportunity available? Asking yourself if
this is truly the right company to sell to is key.

➡️ Think in the big picture.

If you have just hit scale, and are ready to grow exponentially, this increases
the opportunity costs of exiting.

While the founder’s dilemma is somewhere no one wants to be, it is an inevitable
reality of being an entrepreneur that no one talks about.

By going in with the right mindset and goals carefully planned out in advance,
you can make the best decision for you and the fate of your startup.

Comment what you think. 👇👇👇

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