Everstone Group’s double digit returns is attracting retail investors to Burger
King’s IPO as it was oversubscribed within just a few hours of opening.

Everstone along with some co investors had pumped in around ₹668.5 crore into
Burger king and today it's valued at ₹1,839.9 crore!

At the IPO #valuation, usually the investors expect the internal rate of return
(IRR) of 20-30% and investment in Burger King India has given investors an IRR
of 28% in rupee terms.

Everstone and its co-investors are selling 60 million shares through the ongoing
#IPO, which will fetch them ₹360 crore.

The IPO closes on 4 Dec'20 and there's rush of small investors who are building
their appetite for a small #stake.

Do you think retail investors would gain good returns from Burger King just as
Everstone has?

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Posted by Radhika Bajoria on LinkedIn
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