Ever thought of clicking pictures and servicing it to the world for billions?

Well, it may not work out for us, but it clearly did for Jon Oringer!

Jon, is the founder of Shutterstock was a professional software developer and an
amateur photographer just like many others.

However, what set him apart was that he applied himself!

He combined this set of skills and used 30,000 photos from his personal #photo
library to start a stock photo service.

Indeed, a very simple #idea, but a well executed one!!

And this has made Jon's company worth about $2 billion today!

Not just his capital efficiency but also his mental efficiency paid off well and
turned him into a truly self-made #billionaire.

What are your thoughts on Jon's story of building Shutterstock?

Posted by Radhika Bajoria on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/radhika-bajoria-3102ba158