"You need ‘growth hacking’ to grow your business."

That’s the advice I got from many people when we started the company. I searched on google and found numerous articles about growth hacking. Honestly, I joined this group thinking that i will find 'hacks' to grow the business.

We spend our time and energy developing growth hacks which involved development team efforts too. We tried multiple growth hacks and none of them worked! We got many visitors but couldn’t manage to get customers from the hacks.

So, what went wrong?

At that time, we were still at the initial stage of the product. Growth hacking works only when you already have a good product.

At an early stage, you do not need Growth hacking. Focus on building a great product.

Once you have a good number of customers who love your product, that’s when you can do growth experiments and reach masses. Make sure that the growth hacks effort is minimal and doesn’t hinder the product development.

What is your experience with growth hacks?