Ending the day with 3 tips for freelance writers:

#1. Do not decide the commercials after submitting a sample to the prospective

This step happens before you write a single word of content for anyone.

If they wish to see the quality they can expect, show them samples that have
your author name.

#2. Before creating a sample piece, sign an agreement specifying your terms and

If the company asks you for a free sample and if they do not accept it, saying
that it was not up to the level, you reserve the right to use it as you want.

#3. To not get cheated by brands who say we will pay for the sample and then
vanish in thin air, have 3-5 articles in your areas of expertise - that are
featured on your LinkedIn or Medium.

So instead of proclaiming you are an expert, let your articles do the talking.

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Posted by Priyanka Desai on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/priyankadesai1