Empty offices & the MPP (Minimal Profitable Product).

On Sun, we inaugurated a new Mumbai office we had signed on pre-covid. Our
colleagues loved the pics but no one wanted to come to work here (including me
:)) Since we declared Work from Home Forever), it's fully justified!

Looking at the empty office made me ruminate on a problem I think about often.
What is the ideal MPP or Minimum PROFITABLE Product?

We all know the MVP (Min Viable Product). It's a good concept to build, ship,
test & gauge response.

But what happens next? Most businesses start piling up features & services that
may NOT be all used by its users. (Like our beautiful empty offices).

In our dress up games, after 300 levels, a few players ask "Why aren't there
more levels"? Earlier, we would succumb & add MORE content, but now we think of
the MPP!

My perspective:

- "Just enough" is a tough spot to find, but 'little less vs. lots more' maybe a
good philosophy. (Lean airlines)
- The buffet vs a la carte. Do you eat MORE when there is a buffet? Maybe, but
it's not a good feeling (the deserts :) Stick to a la carte! But, for Hotels,
the buffet is the MPP :)
- In a startup, the P&L can be a direct beneficiary of the MPP. 'Lots more'
creates better topline, but MPP makes profit :)

Your view?


Originally posted by Alok Kejriwal on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/alokkejriwal