Elon Musk - Pre - Paypal , Pre-Tesla, Pre-SpaceX. A time when the $22 million he
made off of selling his first major company Zip2 - was splurge-worthy.
As people always say, don't compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 20.
This is the same guy - on-off the richest person in the world - who now says
he's going to sell all his private possessions - geeking out about buying a
Mclaren. Funny enough, a car - a product he would be revolutionizing just a few
years later.
But before all of that, a 28-29 year-old young millionaire enjoying being a bit
cocky. Little did he know it would only be 0.012% of his net worth 20 years
In short, this is your permission to celebrate the small wins...To relish in
your current success while still being focused on bigger things... To allow
yourself to treat yourself - because, yes, you may have many more miles to go to
get where you want to be... but while you're getting there, enjoy the ride.
Young Elon Musk Being Cocky
Elon Musk was cocky. He showed off his 1 Million Dollar McLaren Car of which
there are only 62. But Musk deserves to be cocky, he's a hero who

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