(EDIT - She is now back Kelsi Cory)
Don’t put all your eggs in one LinkedIn basket... I need your help.

Kelsi, one of my first clients and friends just had her account deleted.

She’s spent over $50k in LinkedIn recruiter fees for her 2-year-old growing
recruitment company. That’s right, she’s a paying customer.

She had 17,000 connections - gone
She had DM’s and deals - gone
She had a brand that’s attracting business - gone...

They said she was “viewing too many profiles...”

She’s a recruiter that’s her job 😒

On top of that, she wasn’t given any warnings and got hung up on by customer

Kelsi was using zero automation and following all the LinkedIn rules...

On top of that, she is an all-around awesome person!


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her account back.

You’d want the same thing right?