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Who said you cannot do promotions on WhatsApp?

You just need to be smart enough and do it indirectly.

And it's Official, Yes Officially

Here is how one of our client has doubled their daily orders,

I'll share 3 of their 5 strategies.

1. Sending Abandoned Cart Messages on WhatsApp

Whenever someone adds an item to their cart, enters their number and doesn't
continue to purchase

Sending them a notification on WhatsApp recovers around 50-60% Purchases Daily

2. The Feedback loop (Boost Re-Orders Instantly)

Broadcast a notification to all those who have purchased from you in the past.

This notification is simply asking for a feedback on their purchase.

Once they reply, share with them a Discount coupon code (via Chatbot) & Boom!

This spiked up Re-Orders Instantly!

3. Sending Order Confirmation Notifications on WhatsApp.

Around 50% people start engaging with you and asking about their order(
Installing a WhatsApp Chatbot will cater to queries). A perfect place to upsell
and provide customer care too.

DM to know the rest 2 strategies or if you wish to setup these systems on your
WhatsApp 😉

E-commerce Marketers & Business Owners, this is an amazing opportunity for you

#ecommerce #whatsapp #marketing