Easy access to the Internet. ✉

With the spread of internet and related tech like mobile phones, computers,
Ipads, and whatnot,
the barrier to share your voice with others is no longer there.🗣

One can simply record and upload whatever they want to say and that's it.

Yeah, it's not easy. But it's simple as anything.

Obviously, there's a big issue of quality when it comes to the overflow of
content, but it's nothing when we focus on the bright side.🙌

The easy access to technology (and obviously the Internet) empowers people.

It gives even the newest of the person a fair chance to compete with those with
better knowledge and resources,
and to build their personal brand.

So yeah, you have a voice. You just need to be willing enough to raise it.☺

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Posted by Shubham Gupta on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/shubhamgupta07