💰 DoorDash’s IPO: The Biggest VC Winners 💰

DoorDash opened at $182 per share — that’s 78% above its IPO price of $102!

Here's who's winning from the startup’s IPO, which pushed its market value as
high as $69B and raised $3.4B.

👉 SoftBank - 19.8% stake - worth approx $6.4B at IPO price
👉 Sequoia Capital - 16.3% - $5.3B
👉 GIC - 9.3% - $2.7B

SoftBanks's total investment of $680M in less than 3 years turned into over

And Sequoia has produced so many successful IPOs in 2020 that it’s hard to keep
track (Snowflake, DoorDash, Airbnb, Unity, ...).

BUT will the IPO-hype last?

DoorDash is trading at 19 times sales —
Direct competitors (Grubhub, Uber) at 3 - 6 times.

What are your predictions? 📈 📉 🤔

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Post credit to our COO/ Founder Christopher Grey

Originally posted by Greg Brinson on LinkedIn
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