Don’t underestimate the power of manifestation and focus.
Around this time a year ago, I had just left a 2 year relationship, was in the
midst of pivoting my company, and facing all sorts of rejection and bias from
crazy vulture capitalists (no seriously, they were crazy lol).

Today and consistently, I’m being recognized as one of the top technology
leaders in the industry, for my creativity, grit, and truly unique perspective.

Team @guidehq_ has received honorable and unexpected mention from amazing
publications. It’s still day one.

Create like you got a chip on your shoulder!

Create for yourself and let your art speak for itself!

Don’t wait for validation.
Don’t sell your soul.

Lead your own movement, now✨

“✨✨✨ try to keep up, ✨✨✨ is not a contest... whippin bands concept, heaven sent,
godsend... proof is in the PROGRESS... haven’t FALLEN OFF YET...YEEEEEE!”

“Tim, you and Taban suck. Y’all can’t build Guide. The business model is

Bet. 👍🏾 Cc: Taban Emmanuel Cosmos

Originally posted by Tim Salau on LinkedIn